L. H. Moseley Scholarship Application (1/2)
The L. H. Moseley Scholarship is awarded to an accomplished high school
graduate of this year's senior class. The scholarship is based on merit, grades,
financial need and the student's desire to succeed. Recipients of the L. H. Moseley scholarship may receive a minimum of $600 disbursement during the first as well as the second semester of their first year in an accredited private or public college, community college (early college) or university.
The successful recipient will have a relative who attended the former Gumberry High School in Gumberry, NC between 1952-1982. The relative should be a (great) grandparent, parent, (great) aunt or (great) uncle.
The following information should accompany the application:
          -Official high school transcript
          -Current year's photo
          -500 word essay responding to the following prompt:
              “I feel a college education is important because...”    
          -Mention one of L. H. Moseley’s famous quotes. 
              Share how the quote impacted your relative
              and how it may impact you.
          -Evidence of service to school and community
          -Letter of recommendation from school or community leader
          -Verification of acceptance at college or university
          -Evidence of financial need and personal/educational expenses  
Mail applications to:
Patsey Moseley Tann
P. O. Box 206
Garysburg, NC 27831
June 15, 2021
L. H. Moseley Scholarship Application (2/2)
Applicant's Full Name ___________________________ 

Date _______________
Address ______________________________________________________
Phone Number(s)
Home __________________    Cell ___________________
Mother/Guardian's Name ______________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________
Phone Number(s)
Home __________________   Cell____________________
Occupation __________________________________________________
Father/Guardian's Name ________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________
Phone Number(s)
Home __________________   Cell __________________
Occupation  ___________________________________________________
Number of persons in household __________

Number of persons dependent upon parents/guardians _____________
(Maiden) name of (great) grandparent, parent, (great) aunt or (great) uncle who was Gumberry Alumnus ______________________

Phone Number ______________________________

Year relative graduated from/matriculated at Gumberry High School


Your relationship to your relative

Name and phone number of another relative who can verify alumnus' attendance at Gumberry High School

The L. H. Moseley Scholarship Committee reserves the right to terminate disbursement second semester if recipient does not maintain a 2.0 GPA or is no longer enrolled at a college or university.